To Create a New Society Based on Human Creativity

To Design a Seamless and Comfortable City Experience

Accelerating the New Renaissance of Individual Lifes

Unleash Human Enthusiasm. Deepen Human Culture.

Realtime City Voice OS
Guides You at the Right Place, Right Moment

Augments your Physical Area with Auditory Hyperspace Technology.

Our technology improve the added-value by telling the story of towns, facilities, stores, museums and any places.

Our ideal world is one where every detail is conceived with deep passion.

There are people who believe that making things is a path to changing the world.

The rhizomes spread all over the world. To make our society better.

Become a Traveler Anywhere You Go.

Just like placing information in the air. Your physical space will be enveloped by the information hyperspace.

You'll communicate deeply with the place you're in. You'll discover a different side of the city.

Just bring your own device, put in your earphones. You'll enter the information hyperspace.

Our carefully designed system provides you seamless communication with your locus.

Change your commute into an Experience.

Our Machine Intelligence Guides You at the Right Time, Right Place.

The Scene Recognition AI detects user's situation by listening ambient sounds. It's a most thoughtful system you’ve never experienced.

Everything is like a flow of a river. Every sounds are perfectly designed. It doesn't interrupt your precious moments.

Once you put on your earphone, you'll get into the new world.