The World ThinkX Aims to Realize

Western knowledge has developed by differentiating subjects. Yet, the qualia created by a literary giant's 100,000-word masterpiece, or by the depth of a subdominant note in a melody, are not regarded as calculable entities. One needs the Way for true happiness and self-realization. The Way brings you happiness by separating you from others. At the same time, the Way leads to solitude as its inevitable consequence of separating you from others. When you pursue your own personal Way and become unique, happiness is maximized. Simultaneously, you become separated from others. Since the computational approach to the complexity of individual identity is still in its infancy, we believe that the essence of the Internet has not changed significantly from the era of mass media. Software realization of ecological niches: All relationships begin by understanding 'the other', who represents every creation in the world. In the new era of the 'creative society', the dramatic reduction in production costs will enable far more people to become 'creators' than today. Realizing a 'creative society' where every individual achieves self-fulfillment: People deeply pursue their unique paths, exercising creativity, expressing themselves, and distinguishing themselves from others. Instead of leading to solitude, this pursuit offers diverse encounters and opportunities. Our mission is to create a software ecosystem that understands your identity, no matter how different from others, and provides opportunities and encounters.