Our history

ThinkX began in October 2012, when the company of the same name was founded in a garage in Woodland Hills, LA, California. The company then developed a speech emotion recognition algorithm while co-managing a hacker house in San Francisco, and received a provisional patent from the USPTO, In 2015, the company was established in Japan as 6th Sense Laboratory for research and development of speech and personalisation technologies. Since its establishment in 2015, it has conducted research and development with speech and natural language processing technologies, developed an AI-based personalised social discovery network ILRSA, and developed a recommendation system connected to the POS of a major supermarket (the development business was acquired in 2018), provided digital transformation consulting to a major company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange; changed its name to ThinkX Corporation in 2019; conducted a large-scale demonstration experiment of the spatial speech guide system CITYWALK ® (patented) throughout Nagasaki City (jointly with Nagasaki City, TV Nagasaki and others), before fundraising from Monex Ventures and ADWAYS in 2020. In May 2023, developed NeuraVoice AI, an LLM-based interactive voice AI system with a response speed that exceeds that of Google Home, which serves as a prototype for Quantz ® Voice-OS, In January 2024, developed Quantz ® Stream, a massively parallel, rapid-response engine for voice-driven interactions with the world's fastest "real" response time for long-sentence at 800 ms (Learn more), based on a proprietary code base of 670,000 lines, which consolidates the company's technological accumulation, As related services, the company offers Quantz ® VoiceAI Servers, a completely private, high-performance speech conversational system that does not use external APIs and does not go out of conversation data, and Quantz ® VoiceAI, a consumer-oriented "While you work, your 'shadow' responds.", Wordpress of voice AI.