Application for Contractual Positions

ThinkX offers long-term internships. Applicants from our official site are prioritized over those from job boards. [Working Conditions] Compensation is negotiable based on skills and experience. Minimum commitment of one year is required. Priority will be given to applicants who meet any of the following conditions: - At least two years and 5,000 hours of coding experience - TOEFL IBT score of over 100 - Significant societal achievements (awards, research outputs, community involvement, etc.) - Study experience at an overseas university, especially in English-speaking countries Applicants who meet the following condition will be automatically considered for any position: - A score exceeding 91% in all subjects of the national exams, matching the founder's score rate If you wish to apply for an internship, please submit the following information via the form below: - What you can contribute - Information about your coding skills (total coding hours, skills evidence) - Projects you have completed independently (documents, papers, software, documentation, websites, artworks, etc.) - Summary of your previous professional experience - Academic history and documents showing your field of study (diplomas, transcripts, research papers, etc.) - Documents proving your language skills (grades, employment history, scores, etc.)