Introducing NeuraVoice AI: ThinkX's Real-Time Voice Conversational AI Platform

2023 May 26

NeuraVoice title
ThinkX takes a giant leap forward with NeuraVoice, a cutting-edge, real-time voice AI that redefines interactive and efficient communication. Offering swift, human-like conversational performance, NeuraVoice ensures complete data security by hosting all AI models on our servers.

Imagine the AI's base knowledge as a library, with everything it needs to converse intelligently and assist you effectively. By optimizing our server technology for voice data, we've achieved a response rate that's 22% faster than the majority of big tech smart speaker products.

Comparison of response speed between Neuravoice and other smart speakers

Priced at just $275/month, you receive the full package – comprehensive computing resources and system – in a ready-to-use format that requires minimal setup.

As the world's first fully managed voice AI system, NeuraVoice stands as a testament to our innovative spirit and the technological advancements we've pursued since 2015, leveraging our extensive research in speech language and the collective efforts of our progressive open-source community.

NeuraVoice is more than an AI; it's a game-changer, a tool that can effectively replace traditional roles in retail counters, schools, hospitals, call centers, and more, offering a new dimension of freedom and convenience.

Comparison of conversation content between NeuraVoice and other smart speakers

NeuraVoice is a personal, highly knowledgeable companion that can be customized to your specific needs, all while ensuring that no critical data is ever transmitted to external APIs.