2021 Aug 13

Introducing NeuraVoice2 Beta: Ultra-Fast, High-Quality Text-to-Speech Neural System

In 2017, we initiated research on end-to-end speech synthesis using deep learning technology. Now, after numerous upgrades, we're pleased to introduce NeuraVoice2 Beta. It's set a new benchmark for GPU inference in the Real Time Factor (the ratio of the time length of speech data to the time taken for synthesis), achieving an impressive 0.0227.
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NeuraVoice2 Beta offers several outstanding features:

  • ・High-speed, high-quality speech synthesis with a Real Time Factor (RTF) of 0.01~1.1*1.
  • ・Accurate reading of numbers up to 1,000 trillion digits, including special notations such as superscripts.  
  • ・Adjustable speech speed, pitch, and intensity.
  • ・Advanced settings for stemming, reading symbols, eliminating stop words, and reading keywords only.
  • ・Compatibility with the same algorithm across multiple languages.
  • ・Customized speech synthesis with the preparation of original training data to capture a specific speaker's voice or certain group of words.

We are excited to incorporate this product into CITYWALK, a voice guidance system currently under development by ThinkX.
Primarily, we expect to offer NeuraVoice2 Beta to customers requiring high-speed speech synthesis, particularly in edge devices with limited communication environments.

For more information or product introductions, please contact us at inquiry@thinkxinc.com.