2020 Nov 11

Japan Tourism Agency Chooses CITYWALK for 'Creating Attractive Stay Contents to Diversify Visitors' Demonstration Project

We're delighted to announce that a project utilizing CITYWALK in Nagasaki City has been selected for the Japan Tourism Agency's demonstration initiative, titled 'Creating Attractive Stay Contents to Diversify Visitors'.

This project will promote Nagasaki City's prominent tourist facilities through an integrated strategy that includes non-contact smart guides and video PR. This effort is fittingly titled:
'Creating a system of non-contact guidance that communicates safe and secure travel and region-specific values by using AI to avoid "density"'.

The organizations participating in this endeavor include Nagasaki City, Nagasaki International Convention Association, SAIKOH!, Nagasaki Minamiyamate Glover Partners, Dejima VOF, and KPG HOTEL & RESORT i+Land Nagasaki. KTN Television Nagasaki will act as the project operator, with ThinkX株式会社 handling planning and overall production.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is a crucial need for new methods of travel that prioritize safety while avoiding high-density situations.
The voice guidance system of CITYWALK, which captures and communicates the unique attractions of various regions, will be instrumental in addressing this need.
By using this new guidance system, visitors to Nagasaki City will receive travel information tailored to their individual preferences, directly through their smartphone and earphones.