2020 Aug 02

"Basic Computer Science Lecture" Delivered by Representative Otsuka for Internal and External Audiences

President Otsuka presented a lecture on the essential principles of computer architecture and algorithms, primarily intended for our internal staff from non-computer science backgrounds and the interested general public.

The course was divided into two parts:
Part I: "20 lectures for the fastest and most comprehensive overview of computer architecture and design"
Part II: "20 lectures for the fastest comprehensive review of algorithms and data structures"

Kicking off with the topic "What is Digital?", the course spanned over two weeks, beginning from the fifth week of July.
It was designed as a "computer science course for adults" that allowed participants to swiftly grasp the concepts of computer design, algorithms,
computational quantities, without any prerequisite knowledge and regardless of their arts or science background.

Both internal and external participants, along with other individuals interested in computer science, highly appreciated the course, finding it to be understandable and engaging..

The complete text of this course will soon be accessible on our blog and other platforms.