2020 Apr 14

CEO Otsuka Delivers Online Lecture on "Privacy-Protecting AI and COVID-19: Advancing Towards Rapid Containment"

In response to the escalating COVID-19 situation, CEO Otsuka presented an online lecture discussing the potential of CipherNet technology (privacy-protecting AI) to address present societal challenges.
The session, attended by 13 participants ranging from think tanks and venture capitalists to corporate executives and government officials, served as a platform to deliberate on the implications of such advanced technology.

As part of ThinkX's continuous commitment to exploiting cutting-edge technology for societal improvement, we're persistently pushing boundaries with research and development, as exemplified by projects such as CITYWALK.

■"Deep Society Club vol. 1"

Even after a state of emergency has been declared due to COVID-19, numerous operations within organizations remain incompatible with remote work.
However, if we could transition a million jobs to remote work, it would decrease physical interaction, thereby reducing the spread of the virus.

Such a transition could be facilitated by employing cutting-edge cryptographic technology, which allows work to proceed even when job-related information is accessed from home.
During this session, we covered the basics of privacy-protecting AI, weighing its merits and demerits, and discussing its potential social applications.

■ About the "Deep Society Club"
The "Deep Society Club" is an online lecture series that fosters discussion on technological solutions to social problems.

■ Presenter
Kazuteru Otsuka, Representative and Researcher, ThinkX,Inc.

■ Table of Contents
The Essence of Secret Computation
Cryptographic Computation Possibilities
Advantages and Challenges
Current Technology Trends
Identifying Its Usefulness
Strategies to Boost Remote Workforce and Curb Infection Spread

■ Timeline
Part I What is Secret Computation - Computing Privacy Data in Encrypted Form (20 minutes)
Part II Strategies to Boost Remote Workforce and Curb Infection Spread (discussion, 30 minutes)

Lecture slides are available.

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