Introducing NeuraVoice AI: ThinkX's Real-Time Voice Conversational AI Platform

2023 May 26

NeuraVoice title
ThinkX takes a giant leap forward with NeuraVoice, a cutting-edge, real-time voice AI that redefines interactive and efficient communication. Offering swift, human-like conversational performance, NeuraVoice ensures complete data security by hosting all AI models on our servers.

Imagine the AI's base knowledge as a library, with everything it needs to converse intelligently and assist you effectively. By optimizing our server technology for voice data, we've achieved a response rate that's 22% faster than the majority of big tech smart speaker products.

Comparison of response speed between Neuravoice and other smart speakers

Priced at just $275/month, you receive the full package – comprehensive computing resources and system – in a ready-to-use format that requires minimal setup.

As the world's first fully managed voice AI system, NeuraVoice stands as a testament to our innovative spirit and the technological advancements we've pursued since 2015, leveraging our extensive research in speech language and the collective efforts of our progressive open-source community.

NeuraVoice is more than an AI; it's a game-changer, a tool that can effectively replace traditional roles in retail counters, schools, hospitals, call centers, and more, offering a new dimension of freedom and convenience.

Comparison of conversation content between NeuraVoice and other smart speakers

NeuraVoice is a personal, highly knowledgeable companion that can be customized to your specific needs, all while ensuring that no critical data is ever transmitted to external APIs.

Supported OS

NeuraVoice is currently compatible with macOS1)and iPad1), with extended support for Linux and Android 2)coming soon.

1) macOS and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc.

2) Android is a trademark of Google LLC.


NeuraVoice offers versatile packages, catering to personal use, small business operations, and large deployments across multiple retail platforms.

Small Business
Minimum accounts
Initial cost
Dedicated computing resource
Customizable UI
$275 USD
per account / month, 1 month commitment
Small Business
$275 USD
per account / month, 1 year commitment
  • tunable to suite your needs
Contact sales for pricing
  • more customizable to suite your needs

詳細 https://thinkxinc.com/en/neuravoice